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Spray Foam Insulation DIY Kits

Master Pack offers 200, 600, and 1,000 board foot spray foam kits. All of our foam kits are completely self-contained 2-component foam systems that are portable and disposable. In addition, all of our spray foam kits come complete with color-coded hoses, ergonomic foam applicators, and all the necessary tools to get started.

The 200 board foot system is designed for smaller applications, while the 600 and 1,000 board foot systems are designed for mid to large applications. Designed for larger insulating, sealing, patching and filling applications, the System 600 provides a quick, consistent flow of foam with rapid curing, expands 30X, dries tack-free in seconds and is fully cured in one hour.

Spray Foam Kits - Model 605
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Model 200/600 Spray Foam Kit

  • R-Value = 6.0 per inch
  • Closed Cell Structure
  • No Ozone Depleting Chemicals
  • Easy to Transport
  • Two Cylinders (Components A & B)
  • Anti-Crossover Foam Applicator with 15’ hoses
  • Extra Nozzles (5 conical, 5 fan)
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Includes: Chemical Resistant Gloves, Assembly Wrench, O-Ring, Petroleum Jelly

Model 1350 Spray Foam Kit

  • R-Value of 4.3 per inch
  • Class One, Fire retardant
  • Expands to fill smallest to largest gaps, cracks and holes, reducing air exchanges
  • Disposable, self-contained, two-component spray foam dispensing systems
  • Designed for interior applications
  • Reduces energy costs

New Developments in Foam Chemistries

Announcing leading-edge transitions

Master Pack is proud to announce a leading-edge transition to the improved HandiFoam Slow Rise and HandiFoam Channel Fill formulations utilizing the HFO blowing agent, which is part of our ongoing commitment to developing foam chemistries with lower global warming impact and enhanced product performance.

HandiFoam Slow Rise

Fills and insulates large voids and cavities

  • Designed to fill and insulate large voids and cavities, or coat desired surface areas.
  • Provides buoyancy, decreases vibrations, and deadens sounds.
  • Meets the Coast Guard specification requirements for flotation in Title 33 Code of Federal Regulations, paragraph 183.114.
  • Can be applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces for insulation and sound deadening.

HandiFoam Channel Fill

Now flows greater distances filling complex geometries

  • Completely fills voids and cavities of all shapes and sizes with minimal fill points.
  • Provides buoyancy, decreases vibrations, deadens sounds.
  • Meets the Coast Guard specification requirements for flotation in the Title 33 Code of Federal Regulations, paragraph 183.114.
  • Powered by our patented High Flow Technology®, which allows the foam to flow greater distances to fill complex geometries.