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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a board foot?

A board foot is a square foot at one inch depth. This measurement is used in the spray foam industry because it takes into account the square footage of the surface you will be spraying as well as how many inches of foam you will apply.To determine the board feet for you project first calculate the square footage of the surface you will be spraying and then simply multiply by how many inches of foam you would like. For example if you have 5,000 square feet and need two inches of foam, your board feet would be 10,000.

What are some of the differences between open cell foam and closed cell foam?

One of the biggest differences between open cell and closed cell foam is the structure and density of the foam. Closed Cell foam is very rigid and possesses a high insulation value (R-7). Open Cell foam is a softer non-structural sound dampening foam. For more detailed information regarding open and closed cell foam please see our Technical Data Sheets.

What kind of foam should I use for my project?

This really depends on the nature of your application and your goals. Open cell foam is primarily used for interior applications. Closed cell foam can be used for both interior and exterior projects. Contact one of our sales representatives to get a better idea of what your application requires.

Are your products sold internationally?

Yes. Master Pack is located in Southern California but we ship all of our products internationally and nationally. We have distributors in various countries. Please contact our office via phone or e-mail at for further information.

How long does the foam take to cure?

This really depends on the amount of foam that is applied. Usually Master Pack's foam fully cures in about one hour.

Does the temperature or humidity affect how fast the products cure?

Yes, humidity and temperatures below 75 degrees F will slow down the curing process for all products.