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Toubleshooting for 2 Component Foam

Gun Foam Use Guidelines

ALWAYS review and follow the directions provided in your foam kit. The below instructions are a general overview. ENSURE you follow all safety precautions including wearing protective eyewear and gloves.

  1. Apply petroleum jelly to gun basket before attaching can.
  2. Point gun in a safe direction (into a trash can), depress trigger and screw can onto gun basket. Do not over-tighten.
  3. After attaching gun to can, shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
  4. Press trigger to dispense foam with can upside down. Test bead size on scrap material.
  5. Fill cracks and gaps as needed, allowing space for foam expansion.
  6. Foam can be trimmed, painted, sanded or plastered after curing completely.
Can Replacement:
  1. Point gun in safe direction, depress trigger and quickly remove empty can.
  2. Spray gun basket with PolyClean gun cleaner and immediately attach a new can to prevent foam from hardening in the gun.
  3. Follow directions above.
  1. Tun off gun flow control knob at back of gun.
  2. Store can upright with gun attached.
  3. To restart, shake well for 30 seconds, open flow control knob and dispense foam. Maximum storage: 15 days.