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Aqua Clear - Acrylic Water

Aqua Clear (acrylic water) is a resin based product that is poured in a vase (or like container) to simulate a "water look." The acrylic cures in approximately 18-24 hours depending on ambient temperature.

aqua clear process - mix, pour, arrange

  Click Here To Download The Acrylic Water Mixing Instruction

aqua clear casting system

Aqua Clear Casting System

  • Programmed timed shot for exact measurement
  • Self cleaning gun
  • Heated lines
  • No drip
  • Static mixer
  • Clear drums upon request
  • Hand-Held Dispensed

Why a Dispensing System? "Dynamic Mix"

  • Less waste
  • Faster
  • Less expensive than "hand mix"
  • Exact amount of liquid dispensed every "SHOT"
  • Excellent mix
  • Pours up to 5000 arrangements per day with an average of 6 ounces per container
  • Easy to fill long narrow vases
  • No Splash nozzles
  • Foot Pedal Dispensed

Product Sold In The Following Quantities

aqua clear products