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Liquid Floral Foam

Liquid Floral Foam is a two component (A&B) polyurethane that is either hand or machine mixed and poured in a container to hold artificial flowers and trees. The unique characteristics of this product is that the foam conforms to exact configurations of any container. One eliminates the need to purchase dry foam to cut and glue.

liquid floral foam use

cutting dry foam

Floral Foam features

  • Low odor
  • Easy to mix (low viscosity)
  • Fast setting (15-20 seconds)
  • Eliminates the need to purchase "dried artificial" foam
  • Eliminates unnecessary storage of bulky sheets of dry foam
  • Less expensive
  • Less labor intensive


liquid floral foam product

Product is sold in the following:

  • 1 gal. containers
  • 5 gal. containers
  • 55 gal. drums





floral foam mix

floral foam process