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Spray Foam Insulation Equipment for Sale

The following equipment is available through Master Pack.

Master Pack offers a wide selection of foam equipment for sale. We have the Model PPFD/100 - Portable Proportioner Foam Dispenser, the Portable Proportioner Foam Dispenser with Transfer Pumps (PPFD/TP) low pressure, the Low Pressure Spray Foam Insulation System (Model 777), and Master Pack DIY Spray Foam kits. Selecting the best equipment for future spray foam projects without having to shop multiple vendors is ideal.

Master Pack has been supplying customers with high quailty polyurethane foam for over 35 years. A great amount of time goes into developing and mainting our spray foam products. When purchasing with Master Pack, we ensure you will receive the very best insulation equipment.

At Master Pack, we are equally dedicated to the quality of our merchandise and the satisfaction of our customers.

Model PPFD/100 - Portable Foam Dispenser
"Reconditioned Unit @ $12,750. Low Pressure, High Output"

Portable Proportioner Foam Dispenser
(PPFD/TP) Low Pressure

FeaturesAir Mix Roofing Application
1. Electric Power Gear Pumps
2. 1:1 Ratio Proportioning
3. Electric Motor
4. Air Mix foam Dispensing
5. Easy To Clean & Maintain Dispenser
6. Foam Output 16-18 LBS per minute
7. Sprays Variety of Foam
    - Open Cell
    - Closed Cell
    - Roofing Foam
8. Heated Hoses and 3000 Watt Heaters
9. Light Weight Dispenser
10. User Friendly

PPFD Operations Manual (download here)


220 Volt 40 AMP Circuit
Adaptable to 15kw Generator or Shore Power
Air Compressor 5HP / 12-18 CFM @ 100 PSI

Spray Foam Board Foot Calculator
* Foam Applied Surface Area

Estimated Square Feet Estimated Inches Needed Estimated Board Feet
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New Spray Foam Equipment available for medium applications ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 board. Introducing the Model 776 (contractor series) and Model 777 (Rental/Purchase).

Model 777(RFT) Low Pressure Spray Foam
Refillable Foam Tanks

Model 776

low pressure spray faom

Features and Advantages

  • Class I, 1.75 lb. density, closed cell foam
  • Cost effective refill system; no container disposal problems
  • Ideal for small and medium jobs (4,000-10,000 board feet)
  • Complimentary addition to a big spray foam Trailer rig
  • Lower cost per board foot versus DIY kits
  • Easy set up and maintence