Cable TV Show Highlights Importance of Adding Strength To Your Home

While watching storm chasers season 5, 2011 super outbreak. I realized the importance of having homes reinforced with spray foam insulation or if you were unfortunate to lose your home this past spring rebuild or repair utilizing spray foam insulation. Storm Chases has gained notoriety for showing chasers tracking down super cell storms which produce tornadoes. This past season the chasers have often become the chased, sometimes even becoming first responders. Their efforts in obtaining vital information regarding tornadoes will someday enable scientists to give more warning to those in the path of a tornado.

Homeowners building or repairing their homes in tornado prone area’s should consider strengthening the core structure of their dwelling with spray foam insulation. During high wind events, an unvented attic with closed-cell spray foam resists roof uplift which my be the added strength needed to hold the roof in place. Homes without spray foam insulation can have vented soffit collapse leading to the home pressurization and window blowout and roof loss due to increased uplift. Unvented roofs – principally due to the robustness of the homes soffit construction – outperform vented roofs during high wind events –simply homes with spray foam insulation are safer. Experience tells us that it’s prudent to consider certain methods and products for the construction of houses.
Spray Foam is perfect for the do-it-yourself (DIY) because of the ease of installation. With the right equipment, almost anyone can apply spray foam insulation. It simply requires a bit of reading and a little bit of preparation.

For homeowners spray foam insulation lowers energy costs, adds resale value, prevents mold and moisture from growing, keeps pests away and lowers the risk of allergens in the home. Not only are home insulated with spray foam safer but also more energy efficient. The energy cost savings are so significant, that many question how one product can make such a huge difference. The answer is simple: plugging holes and pockets will reduce your energy loss by 40% (according to the US Department of Energy). Plugging up those small holes and crevices in the attic and floor cavities will keep warm air in and cold air out.

Its also a bugs life, plugging up holes in your home also stops rodents and insects from entering. The American Cockroach loves to get into nice warm homes and scavenge for food. But spray foam insulation will not only plug the entries, it will deter the insects. Cockroaches, rats, mice and other unwanted guests just find it too hard to get through the spray foam and will look elsewhere for a place to live.

Home health care begins with air quality found in the home. Moisture in the home is one of the things every homeowner is very, very afraid of. Mold can destroy walls, clothing, carpets and the health of the family. Airborne mold spores are especially dangerous to the elderly and infants and they can cause respiratory infections. A properly insulated home will not become moist because a vapor barrier between the spray foam insulation and the outer wall keeps cold moist air outside and warm dry air inside. The home’s breath ability occurs via the windows and doors.

Keeping allergens that cause most people problems outside is also very important in the summer months. Having a properly insulated home with no gaps will prevent those allergens from entering the home. Pollen, grass and tree molecules cannot enter through holes in the attic and roof-line, just as cold air cannot in winter months.

Spray Foam insulation also improves the value of the structure and makes it more marketable when it comes time to sell the home. Prospective buyers will be pleased to find spray foam insulation has been used. They will know it is more energy efficient and will be more likely to pay a bit more. They may also see that a home with spray foam insulation is less likely to have had insect or rodent infestations. With the evolution of the housing market, buyers are becoming much more educated in their house hunting activities. Buyers are not going on the surface level presentation anymore. They are venturing into attics and crawlspaces to see just what kind of shape the home is in before they buy it.

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