Spray Foam Roofing Insulation

Spray foam roofing insulation can add many benefits to your home or business. This insulating foam is created out of polyurethane. This substance is applied as liquid, and, as it dries, creates a single layer which will cover the entire roof. There will be no seams as there are with traditional roofing materials, meaning there will be no leaks. What is really great, is that this foam can be sprayed directly on the roof. There is no need for preparation. The material is quite durable but also lightweight. Heat or cold will enter your home through your roof. Your attic will store heat even after the sun has set. Even if you do not have an attic in your home, spray foam roofing insulation will keep your home much cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Exposure to the elements is one of the major reasons that roofs go bad. If your insulation is not proper, you are susceptible to water and wind damage. Spray foam roofing insulation can solve this issue without creating a large expense for you. This is not only great to protect against water damage, but it also keeps your shingles in place during storms. The waterproofing capabilities of this product practically erase the possible damage that can be caused due to dew and other condensation problems. The top layer of the foam can even become damaged and the lower layer will not allow for leakage.

Another great quality of this product is that it does not require maintenance as many other products do. In fact, it lasts much longer than comparatively priced roofing materials. Additionally, it costs much less to waterproof and seal your roof in this manner than having to completely repair your roof. It is simply the wiser choice.

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