Waterproofing Roof with Waterproof Foam Insulation

A roof is not a roof if it’s not waterproof. Waterproofing roof structures is easy when you use spray foam roof insulation from Master Pack. A waterproof roof is one that provides a complete and effective barrier to cold, wind, and moisture. By waterproofing your roof with foam roof insulation you are not only creating a stronger roof, but you’re creating a moisture and mildew-resistant barrier which insulates and protects. Protect your investment with a truly waterproof roof by using spray foam roof insulation. Using this strong, lightweight and easy to apply product will add years to the life of your new roof. When you are waterproofing an existing roof structure or doing needed repairs and maintenance, you will want to use foam roof insulation for a really waterproof roof. In addition to Master Pack’s waterproofing roof products, try our products for use in basement construction, to protect the basement from water damage as well.

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