What Is Polyurethane Foam Insulation?

People all around the world are attempting to be more energy efficient in their homes. One of the ways that consumers are checking their homes energy efficiency is by taking a look at their homes insulation. Spray polyurethane foam is an excellent way to achieve energy efficiency in your home. This type of insulation is a closed-cell foam that is fantastic for the purpose of insulation of a consumer’s home. Most of the types of this insulation foam on the market have an R-value of either “R”-7 or “R” – 8.

This type of foam, polyurethane foam, can be a fairly cheap and highly energy efficient way to insulate a consumer’s home to make it more efficient. Consumers and experts have noted that this type of foam insulations is incredibly easy to install in the consumer’s home. It has been found to mold easily and better conform to the homeowners open space in their homes that they are trying to insulate.

So when looking into using hard earned dollars to make your home more energy efficient, polyurethane foam insulation could be just the option for you. Many homeowners unknowingly loose a large amount of their homes heat due to inadequate insulation in their homes. This can make for higher heating bills for the homeowner and make their home quite a bit less efficient than it otherwise could be.

So if a homeowner is serious about saving money and becoming a more energy efficient homeowner than taking a look at their homes insulation can be a key-step. Polyurethane foam insulation is just one of the foam insulations out there to help the homeowner achieve energy efficiency but its worth checking out. There are a number of web sites that can be valuable resources for investigating how to become more energy efficient.

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