Model 777 Spray Foam of Drilling Equipment Enclosure

New Model 777 Spray Foam Demonstration

This video shows Master Pack’s Model 777 (low pressure) spray foam system applying foam to an 1,800 board foot container. The purpose of the metal container is to house sensitive electronic equipment in very harsh climates. This particular container is being transported to Canada where the ambient temperature in winter can reach levels of 40 below zero.

It was necessary to fill the wall cavities with 3 inches of closed foam. One inch of closed cell foam yields an r-value of approximately 6.8 to 7. This allows for maximum insulation characteristics along with providing a great moisture barrier.

Types of Spray Tips

The Model 777 has two different types of spray foam tips. From this video, you can see the spray foam operator using the fan spray tip. The fan tip works great to fill in the studs cavities and produces an even pattern. The second type of tip used (not shown in the video) was an oval spray tip. The oval spray tip produces a straight spray pattern. The oval spray foam tip is great for reaching areas that need to be spray accurately.

Advantages of Different Spray Foam Tips

In the video, you will notice the sides of the studs were sprayed with an oval tip. The advantage to spraying the corners of the studs with an oval tip is to completely seal any cracks, crevices and openings in tight areas. After all the studs corners have been sprayed, the spray foam operator goes back over the area with a fan tip and fills the remaining void. This ensures that all areas of the container are completely sealed.

As always, Master Pack wishes you the best of luck with your next spray foam project. Remember to contact us with any of your spray foam insulation needs. The Master Pack team is happy to assist you. For more information about the model 777 or any other of our spray foam equipment, visit our spray foam equipment page.

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