Spray Foam Roofing – A Cost Effective Solution

If your roof is in need of some minor repairs, and you do not have the money to totally replace your roof, there is a quick fix solution that can help. This quick fix is not a short-term, cheaply made solution either. It is a cost effective and long lasting alternative to creating a much stronger and sustainable roof: spray foam roofing.

Spray foam roofing can be used to seal up tiny holes that are creating leaks. As long as the roof is not sagging and signs of water damage are not present inside the home, then using spray foam for your roof helps you repair issues before they become larger and costly problems.

By doing the roofing project yourself, you can save a lot of money, and in this tough economy every home owner is looking for a way to cut down on costs. You can start off by inspecting your roof thoroughly. Use a flashlight to make sure you do not miss anything. With traditional old style roofs, there are a lot of roofing tiles to look through. Some are single layers while others may have two or more layers. Sometimes one of those inner layers has finally come off and is leaving the very last layer exposed.

You can do it yourself by renting spray foam equipment. While doing it yourself may be intimidating, Master Pack offers onsite help to alleviate any apprehension of being able to complete the project yourself. Renting eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment or hire a spray foam contractor. Cost per board foot is 30% to 40% less expensive than conventional programs.

As an added tip for doing it yourself, keep the spray foam roofing in a single layer in some places and thicker in others forcing water to go into one direction. Also, the thicker places are for places for energy efficiency. If you can see where the sun and wind has done the most damage on the roof, then this is the places that need added protection. The spray foam adds strength to take on strong winds and protect your roof.

No matter what, spray foam for roofing will add many more years of life to your roof. Energy bills will be lowered, cold spots will be greatly reduced, and even the sun will not heat up the roof in summer.

Contact us to find out more about spray foam roofing and waterproofing options that can help save you money.

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