Spray Foam Waterproofing

Many homeowners are finding that investing in some type of waterproofing system is necessary for the life of their home. This is especially true if you have a home that has either a basement or a cellar. In many cities, homes that are new builds are required by new regulations to have some form of waterproofing in place. This is because in many areas, the fear of black mold is a strong one. Having a good waterproofing system, such as spray foam waterproofing, is a great way to minimize the possibilities of water damage and the growth of this mold. When thinking of waterproofing, you should also consider your climate, weather, and the surrounding terrain.

Basements are one of the areas of a home that are most prone to leaks. These leaks can be due to several different issues. Issues such as cracks in walls or floors, no footer tiles or improperly installed footers, pressure that has built up, leaks, and several others will let you know if you need spray foam waterproofing. If your basement has the signs of mold growth, that is a sure sign that your basement has either leaks or condensation issues. If you do see mold, it is vital to seek out a professional waterproofing specialist.

Roof leaks are another reason that some homeowners seek waterproofing specialists. Spray foam waterproofing for your roof is a very popular means of fixing this issue and has been the top choice of specialists for more than thirty five years.

The installation is completed by spraying the foam into the cracks or crevices on your roof. As it dries, the foam expands to over thirty times its size, drying into a hard compound. It doesn’t take long for the foam to dry and it is extremely long lasting. It is lightweight and most contractors recommend this material for all of these kinds of jobs.

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