Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing is a great addition to the roofing community. This material is crafted from two separate liquid materials that, when combined, form a seamless roof. After you mix this material, it will expand to over twenty times its original size, forming a complete roof. This type of roof is extremely popular due to its ease of application and its ability to withstand even the harshest type of weather.

Another great advantage of spray foam roofing is the fact that it adheres to every common roofing surface. So, whether your roof is concrete, cinder block, wood, or metal, this material will seal and insulate your roof to help you save energy and money. This makes for lower costs and no roof waste. You no longer have to tear off the old roof and start over. You can simply spray the new roof over the old. What is great is that this also works as insulation, killing two birds with one stone. Once dried, this type of roof will last about fifty years, whereas traditional roofs last only ten to fifteen depending on the materials used. Throughout the fifty years, you will only need to perform the occasional cleaning or priming.

During the summer or in climates that are warm year round, spray foam roofing pays for itself in your reduced energy costs over the course of four to five years. Many times, this type of roof can lower your energy costs by half. There are no other roofing systems that will ever pay for themselves. When doing this type of roof, make sure that all tools are correct and that the two substances used for spray foam are combines thoroughly and correctly. If anything is to go wrong, such as the spray gun clogging, you must stop the project immediately and fix the issue.

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