What Is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is insulation that is needed for your home and business. Polyurethane foam is another name for spray foam insulation.

A ceiling, walls, and anything else requiring insulation, spray foam is used. The foam is pumped in so there will be no gaps or air holes. There is even coverage from the bottom up to the top or evenly across.

Because of the importance of spray foam insulation, the heating and air conditioning bills are greatly reduced. It is a layer of protection from the heat and cold.

The heat for winter will stay inside the building like it supposed to without escaping and creating cold spots in the building. The same goes with the air conditioning.

Spray foam insulation does cost more than fiberglass insulation. But, the benefits are more rewarding in the long run. Consider it an investment into the future the home or building. If something is built right the first time, then in the future there will be less repairs and money is actually saved.

The main disadvantage to spray foam is simply spraying in to much. The foam does have to expand to work. So, simply spraying a little at a time will show how much more will need to be sprayed to finish the job.

You also will not use too much spray foam insulation. Instead of wasting it, you can use it for another project or another wall or ceiling.

Once the spray foam is all sprayed and set, there will be an immediate noticeable difference, especially the hottest part of the day or at night when the temperature drops.

Spray foam insulation definitely should be a tool in your toolbox when it comes to insulating jobs.

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