New Spray Foam for Attics & Crawl Spaces

Open Cell Foam

Last month new advancements were made in the spray foam industry with the introduction of a new open cell foam, Pro-X. Pro-X open cell foam does not require intumescent paints, coatings or ignition barriers when used in attics or crawl spaces. For example, most spray foams that are going to have human habitation must have an ignition barrier such as sheet rock or dry wall. Many county and state codes require spray foam ignition barriers.

Cut costs and time

Individuals using Pro-X open cell foam can significantly reduce time and costs on applications. Since there is no need to add/install coatings or ignition barriers, foam applicators can quickly move onto the next project. The Pro-X open cell spray foam was created by Profoam and has passed AC 377 Appendix X test.

High Foam Yield

One of the great things about this particular open cell foam is the board feet yield. One set of chemical yields approximately 17,000 board feet. Additionally, Pro-X is a sugar based spray foam and, unlike other types of foam, it does not need to be pre-heated. Other types of spray foam generally must be heated before starting a spray application. With Pro-X spray foam the user just needs to agitate the foam 30 minutes before application.

For more information regarding this new type of spray foam click here. Although Pro-X spray foam is approved to be applied without the need of ignition barriers in attics and crawl spaces, you should still check your county and city codes for proper approval.

If you have any questions regarding spray foam or spray foam equipment, you can contact us here. The Master Pack team is happy to assist you with your insulation needs.

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