Spray Foam Rental Program Helps Insulate Metal Building

With Master Pack’s rental program, we have recently provided foam chemical to insulate a metal building. The metal building was just assembled and requires insulation for both heating and cooling situations. Typically, with metal building, the “tin/steel” will have a tendency to “sweat” or gather moisture on the interior surface of the building. As closed cell foam is moisture resistant, it acts to eliminate any moisture build up on the ceiling and walls. Moreover, it adds excellent insulation characteristics(R-6) with sound dampening and a monolithic seal to prevent any loss of heat or cooling from the air conditioning unit.

Master Pack has a unique rental spray foam program whereby we provide our Model 776 foam dispensing unit to the customer or contractor so they can apply the foam themselves. We offer detailed instructions on how to assemble the equipment as well as 1 hour training via the phone. We provide the equipment, foam chemical, training and videos of how to spray the foam. In some cases, if the customer wants us to appear at the job site, we offer a 2 day on site training period.

To learn more about our spray foam rental program and equipment, please call us at 949-487-2068.

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