Spray Foam Roofing Insulation for Your New Roof

Are you in need of a new roof this winter? Is your roof showing signs of age or does it already have minor damage in some places? Using spray foam roofing insulation can be a solution to your roofing problems. Here is how:

The spray polyurethane foam insulation roofing system is the latest rave amongst contractors, architects and home owners. One of the main reasons is sustainability. No more leaking roofs. Roofs are more energy efficient and can also last much longer.

Another benefit is that spray foam roofing insulation can be applied to different types of surfaces, especially since there are many different types of roofing material. Additionally, there are no harmful chemicals in the formula of the foam. It actually is International Code Complaint!

This system can take a beating from storms and severe weather, making it a very durable option. The sun can beat down on the roof all day long, and the inside of the house or building will stay much cooler. This is extremely beneficial for a second story house during those warm summer months.

The same goes with winter. When feet of snow piles up on the roof, the roof can sink and collapse. Using the spray foam roofing insulation system can make the roof stronger and less susceptible to potential winter mishaps. Cold is left on the outside and added warmth is left inside, thus making it much more energy efficient. When receiving your heating and cooling bills, you will see a significant amount of savings.

When a small repair needs to be made, spray foam roofing insulation for your roof will get the job done not only efficiently, but also very quickly. Spray foam roofing insulation is closed-cell plastic spray foam. Two liquids are combined together and when they do, magic happens! Within minutes you literally can walk on your spray foam roof. No hassles, no waiting to dry, and you can get it all done in one day.

Read more about the benefits of spray foam roofing insulation or contact Master Pack today for more information.

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