Spray Foam Roofing Waterproofing

One of the main reasons roofs can collapse is a build-up of water. When it rains water has to drain somewhere, and if a proper draining system is not in place rainwater can start to puddle. The puddling of water can cause an entire roof to collapse. This is very true for older roofs that haven’t been upgraded to modern building standards. With older roofs there wasn’t a proper drainage system designed to eliminate the water. The roofs were usually flat and never angled or slanted to run the water off.

With heavy, wet, snow the exact same thing can happen, so one of the best solutions to prevent water damage is spray foam roofing and waterproofing.

Spray foam roofing waterproofing is a revolution that is happening everywhere. It is a simple and cost effective solution that can help prevent serious damage to your home or roof by forming a barrier seal. Take for example caulking. Caulking creates a seal around the sink, the pipes, and so on. Take this same concept and apply it towards sealing of a roof. Spray foam roof insulation can seal up leaks, form a waterproof barrier, create an energy efficient, extremely strong, and durable roof. Having a proper seal can prevent water related problems from starting in the first place. Knowing the comfort, energy efficiency, and the durability of waterproofing your roof with spray foam insulation can give peace of mind to homeowners for many years to come. Feel free to contact Master Pack if you are considering it, and ask us how you can save money by doing it yourself.

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