What is DIY Spray Foam Insulation

When you need to update the insulation in your home, spray foam insulation will provide a high level of protection. With foam, you’ll have a product that will expand into the small spaces of your residence.

Today, you can purchase DIY spray foam insulation kits, which include pressurized tanks, nozzles and hoses. When you add insulation to your home, be sure to include your attic as this space will provide you with the best energy efficiency. Before spraying the product, add plywood boards over the attic floor to prevent the ceiling from breaking when you stand on it.

With a DIY product, your spray foam insulation cost will be lower, and you’ll be using a high quality product. Prior to the spraying process, you should remove debris from the insulation area. Also, if you are including foam protection to framing sections, then make sure the space includes wiring and plumbing. Assess the areas where you’ll be adding insulation as leftover insulation or paper can stop foam insulation from attaching to the wood.

After you select DIY spray foam insulation, use caution and minimal expansion around your home’s windows and doors since you can cause these areas to warp. With framing areas, you should use maximum expansion. Be sure to leave a space of about two inches within your framing to ensure the foam has enough space to expand.

When you consider the expense of spray foam insulation, you’ll find that the product is more costly than other forms of protection. However, the product will provide a greater foundation for your home along with improved energy efficiency.

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