Air Packaging has Several Attractive Features

When packing breakable items, air packaging has several attractive features beginning with its small size and simplicity. It is a good option for small businesses because the inflating device will fit on a tabletop or in a corner, and no additional source of compressed air is needed.

These units are sold anywhere there is spray foam equipment for sale and are shipped in a single carton for easy set-up. Technical expertise is not required, so personnel can begin using the equipment almost immediately.

The systems on the market today inflate plastic cushions from a roll and can produce up to 65 feet of cushion per minute, allowing them to keep up with busy shipping schedules. Since the inflating is done on the spot and each roll contains up to 5,000 feet of material, the financial and environmental cost of transporting the bags is very low.

To accommodate various requirements, material usually comes in more than one width and can be inflated in adjustable lengths. This allows the user to make custom cushions on demand in response to varying sizes and shapes of merchandise.

When the package is opened, the cushions deflate for easy disposal. The recipient will not be bothered with piles of discarded packing. When the cushions are thrown away, the amount of plastic waste entering the environment will be much less than with other types of packing.

Available wherever you see spray foam equipment for sale, air packaging is effective, affordable, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

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