Saving Money with Spray Foam Insulation

Saving money is important to any homeowner. There are plenty of ways to save money when it comes to home improvement, and one of the top money-savers is the monthly energy bill. With the proper spray foam insulation installed in a home, homeowners can see a significant drop in their monthly energy costs.

Spray foam roofing is easy to install and has a quick cure time. The polyurethane closed cell foam is sprayed directly onto the walls and ceilings of an attic to block out air and water leaks while keeping a regulated temperature inside the home. Once the material is sprayed on, it dries quickly and stays on. Spray foam roofing also has other benefits including strengthening the building structure and keeping dust and pollen out of the house. After the insulation is installed, a homeowner can see up to a 40 percent drop in their energy bill.

Spray foam insulation is installed in a two-part system that provides a greater R-value. This means that homeowners can get a thinner layer of spray foam while maximizing the thermal resistance provided to the structure. This type of insulation is also available in fire retardant, high density and low density formulas so that anyone can have the type of spray foam that best fits the needs of any building.

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