Why Homeowners Prefer Insulation Foam

When homeowners consider upgrading the insulation in their residence, they should review the benefits of insulation foam. With an R-Value of 7.0 for every inch of closed cell foam thickness, homeowners will have a high-level of protection. Homeowners may also choose open cell foam, which features an R-Value of 3.8 for each inch of thickness.

In addition to its high R-Value, insulation foam offers up to 40 percent in overall energy savings and will prevent air and humidity from entering a residence. The product will also increase the stability of a home and reduce allergy symptoms as it won’t allow dust and pollen to enter a home.

When homeowners add packaging foam as a protective coating to their home, they’ll have a product that will expand into the cracks and crevices. Experts recommend installing the material in basements, ceilings and walls.

If homeowners have an area of their home that they use for cold storage, then packaging foam is the best material for this space. When homeowners include foam insulation, the thermal integrity of their storage space will remain intact.

Once homeowners select foam insulation, an installation expert will blow the foam into the area requiring coating. After the insulation professional installs the product, the foam will expand as it dries. When homeowners insulate their home with foam, they’ll reduce the workload of their HVAC unit.

Foam insulation is a quality product that will ensure homeowners have a protective barrier that will also help their dwelling remain at comfortable temperatures year round.

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