Air Packaging

What is Air Packaging

Not sure how much packing that box needs? Tired of having to store huge amounts of packing materials?

Air packaging lets you decide how much or how little packing you need and it’s extremely compact until you use it.

Master Pack’s Fill-Air Cyclone system uses different sized plastic bags which are kept on spool and inflated and sealed only when needed. The inflating system is smaller than many desktop computers, 1.5 square feet, and can be put under a table or stored elsewhere when not in use.

Don’t let the compact size fool you. Right out of the box, the Fill-Air Cyclone can produce 65 feet of void-fill cushions a minute. That’s enough to keep up with all but the very highest volume packing operations.

Master Pack offers eight cushion sizes from 14” x 8” down to 8” x 5”.

If the pillow-type cushions don’t fit your needs, consider the NewAir I.B.® Express system that fills bubble wrap cushions. At less than six square feet, this system is also compact. Choose from 12” or 14” film widths.

Master Pack also offers helpful accessories for these items, like stands and overhead deliver systems. A foot pedal switch is also available for both air-fill systems.

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