Benefits of Foam Packaging

What are the Benefits of Foam Packaging
Foam packaging is used by companies worldwide to ship products and/or items. This form of packaging is very versatile and is extremely lightweight, which of course helps keep shipping rates to a minimum. Shipping products in foam is also advantageous because it has shock-absorbent properties, which helps the items being shipped from becoming damaged.

There are many forms of foam packaging, which includes foam chips, foam sheets, mouled polystyrene, polystyrene sheets, and more. Each type of foam has its own advantages, so it is best for companies to see what the needs of their shipment are before choosing a certain type of foam to package and ship items in. Foam chips are great to use because they can fit into just about any size shipping box or container. Foam sheets are great to use when items need to be wrapped. No matter what form of foam is used, it can be recycled, making it all the more advantageous to ship items in.

If your company is looking for a cost-efficient way to package and ship items, consider using foam packaging.

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