Coal Energy Spray Foam Application

Spray Foam Rental

Master Pack has recently completed another rental spray foam application using our model PPFD. On Jan 9, 2017 we installed our spray foam dispenser for a Coal Energy Company. As part of Master Pack’s rental program, we offer 2 day on site training for each project. We supplied all foam chemical and safety equipment including a fresh air system.

Equipment and Training

The foam dispensing equipment was comprised of 2 transfer pumps, Pre Heaters, 1:1 ratio pump, 100 feet of heated hose and dispensing gun. Master Pack instructs employees how to properly apply the spray foam and operate the dispensing equipment.

Coal Energy Warehouse

This particular project was a metal warehouse that required 25,000 board feet of foam. The spray foam was applied on all the metal walls and ceiling. The warehouse was required to maintain a specific temperature and humidity for expensive electronic equipment. Spray Foam insulation provided the best solution given intricacies of the corrugated metal building surfaces.

With the use of heated blankets and hoses, the project progressed flawlessly despite outside temperature being about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Customers are given a 30 day rental period. Though given the efficiency of the spray foam equipment and onsite personnel, the project is estimated to be completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

For more information regarding our spray foam products and rental program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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