Reconditioned Spray Foam Equipment

Spray Foam Roofing Equipment

Master Pack is pleased to announce the completion of a new spray roofing foam insulation project. We recently had a customer located in Fresno California that needed to insulate and water proof an old roof. We provided our customer a reconditioned spray foam unit (Model PPFD) for the roofing application. In addition to health and safety information, Master Pack provided training on proper use of the equipment and spray foam techniques.

Spraying the Foam

This particular system has the capability to spray insulation foam in commercial and residential applications. The roof we trained our customer to spray was an 8,000 square foot commercial dome roof. The roof substrate was cap sheet and we were able to spray over the roof without removing the existing material. Below are a few photos the application.

Acrylic Coatings

After our customer applied the foam to the roof, they then coated the foam to protect the product from UV degradation. They applied two applications of acrylic coating for a 10 year warranty. This further provides a strong monolithic seal which will prevent air and moisture infiltration to the building.

The combination of spray foam and acrylic coating offers an inexpensive method to protect the roof from leaks while not interrupting the business operation to remove the existing roof.

Master Pack provides spray foam equipment, spray foam chemical and 2 days on site training. We offer reconditioned systems as well as new equipment. Prices ranges from $15,000 for equipment and training up to $21,000 for new equipment. If you have any questions about this particular application, or your own personal insulation needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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