Insulation Foam or Air Packaging

Whether you run a small business out of your house or your business is larger and more established, you may be looking for the right packaging materials to use. Packaging materials like insulation foam and packaging foam are commonly used by many businesses. They provide you with the ability to ensure your quality products are not damaged in the process of shipping them to your customers. Your business reputation can be damaged severely if your customers regularly open up shipments of damaged merchandise. However, another option many are considering is air packaging. This type of packaging offers protective benefits as well as other benefits not available with foam materials.

Insulation foam and packaging foam are ideal for certain uses, but they do add a small amount of weight to your shipment. Further, many people are concerned about the environmental impact associated with these packaging materials. Air packaging essentially is a plastic-filled cushion of air that is placed around your products in the shipping boxes. It serves as a protective cushion to prevent damage. There is no foam involved, and many municipalities around the country and beyond offer recycling services on the plastic material. These air packages are available in a wide range of sizes to meet all needs. Further, they can be filled on-site at your place of business when ready. This means that they take up very little physical space, which is ideal for businesses with limited office space available. Consider the benefits of this type of packaging for your current shipping needs.

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