Spray Foam Equipment for Sale

How Spray Foam Equipment Works

Spray foam is very common in the packing industry and can allow for the shipment of very fragile objects. It is also used in construction.

Spray foam equipment is able to very efficiently release foam using spray foam equipment. There are many factors that can distinguish the types of spray foam machines that are available, including the shape and size of the proportioning machine. Businesses also have different options in regards to the type of drive system used, the pressure capacity, heating capacity and the electrical system that is used in the spray foam equipment for sale.

Spray Nozzle

The spray foam is released through a foam spray gun, which mixes chemicals inside the actual gun. The chemicals mixed together inside the gun react immediately and begin to harden. When the spray gun is working properly, the chemical will be released and harden in the appropriate location. However, if the foam is not fully released from the gun, it will harden and the gun will not be usable.

Heated Hoses

Many spray foam machines can come with very long heated hoses that allow for the foam to be delivered to an elevated location.

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