Spray Foam Insulation Project in Indio

Model 776 Spray Foam Insulation System Master Pack recently supplied an OEM customer with our Model 776 Foam Dispenser rental unit and 6 (60 gallon sets or 46,800 bd. ft.) of insulation foam.  The customer was located in Indio, Ca..  Temperatures in this part of the country typically exceed 100 degrees F in the summer time.  The Metal building had 25 ft. walls and a 10,000 sq. ft ceiling.

Our customer decided to apply 2.5 inches of foam to the walls and 3 inches to the ceiling.  The spray polyurethane foam also increases the structural strength of the building by about 400% while adding excellent insulation properties. Moreover, the foam eliminates any “sweating” or water condensation on the metal.

Master Pack provided a technical representative to instruct the customer on how to operate the foam dispenser and install the spray foam.  There is a technique in spraying the foam on the interior ceiling of a metal building. One needs to make a series of applications so the foam does not fall from the substrate.

Master Pack specializes in providing “rental spray foam dispensing equipment” for customers who wish to apply their own insulation to their project.  The rental equipment is ideal for those whom may need the equipment over 30 days.  It offers flexibility to their schedules.  Moreover, Master Pack offers dispensing equipment (and foam) for Roofing applications (from 4,000 sq.ft. to 50,000 sq. ft and above).

For more information regarding our spray foam products and rental program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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