Spray Foam Insulation, Provide Protection for Your Home

As a homeowner, you can reduce your utility bills by adding insulation to your dwelling. You have several protection options. However, spray foam insulation will ensure you have an extensive level of coverage as the product’s R-value is high.

When you see an R-value code, the number will help you determine the level of protection the spray foam insulation will provide for your home. Higher R-value codes determine more heat resistance. The R-value for closed cell spray foam insulation is high with a rating of about 7.0 for each inch of thickness while open cell foam offers R-value estimations at 3.8 for every inch of thickness.

Once you add spray foam insulation, the product will reduce your utility costs by up to 40 percent. The protection also prevents air shifting and stops moisture from building up. Spray foam will strengthen your home’s base, and if you or a member of your family suffers from allergies, then spray foam will help as it prevents contaminants from entering your residence.

When you install spray foam into your roofing area with spray foam roofing, you will assist your home’s HVAC unit as it will work more efficiently to heat and cool your home. The added benefits of spray foam include durability and a high level of coverage since the product will expand, which will permit the insulation to enter the cracks and crevices of your home.

In order to protect your residence, you should add spray foam to your home’s vulnerable sections such as your roof, basement and walls. After you’ve protected your home, you’ll help the environment and decrease your utility bills.

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