Why Spray Foam?

Spray polyurethane foam is the ideal method for insulating commercial and residential buildings. Spray foam stops air and moisture intrusion, cuts energy bills, strengthens the structure, and protects the internal air from mold, airborne pollutants, and allergens, thereby creating healthy buildings.

The Structural Advantages of Spray Foam

When it comes to protection against natural disasters, spray foam roof and wall systems have shown remarkable resistance to high wind uplift and blow-off; a characteristic attributed to spray foam’s strong adhesion, lack of fasteners, and absence of joint or edges.

Spray Foam Eliminates Air Leaks

Spray foam provides a continuous, protective air barrier that practically eliminates air leakage,  the leading cause of building energy waste.  According to a National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) study, energy savings of up to 62% can be realized by undertaking specific air-leakage prevention measures in homes and buildings.

Air leakage can contribute to problems with moisture, noise, dust, pollutants, insects, and rodents.

Small voids of 1-2% at the end of standard fiberglass insulation can result in a 25-40% reduction of R-value due to air leakage therefore contributing to 30% of a home’s annual heating and cooling costs.

Spray Foam & Moisture

Moisture management is a critical concern in energy-efficient building design and construction.  The unique characteristics of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam delivers high R-value per inch, airtightness, low permeability, good material strength, and good “liquid water holdout;” or rain control.  Only closed-cell spray foam is classified as an “acceptable flood resistant material” by FEMA.

Spray Foam Reduces Sound Transmissions

Spray foam not only prevents air leaks it also greatly reduces noise transmissions through walls.  Closed-cell foam blocks transmission of low frequency sound and open-cell spray foam absorbs mid to high frequency sound.  In combination, the two can create an effective sound barrier.  Air-tight, void-free walls minimize sound pathways.

With all of the benefits that Spray Foam has to offer, it is only natural that home owners and professionals are turning to Spay Foam for their insulation needs.  Spray foam insulation creates health buildings!

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